Civil ceremonies

Civil weddings inItaly can only be  per formed  in  a  Registry Office  but
   most  town  halls are    located    in    historical buildings  and  offer  a lovely setting  for  a  wedding. Some Registry  Offices in Italy will require   you   to    sign   a Declaration   of   Intention  to Marry  2  to  4  days  prior  to your marriage ceremony .     A civil   ceremony   is       legally recognized     throughout   the world. A multi-lingual certificate is issued and this is valid internationally.

The ceremony itself lasts about thirty minutes and is conducted in Italian. An interpreter will be needed throughout the ceremony and the Dec
laration of Intent to Marry

Roman Catholic Ceremonies

A Roman Catholic ceremony can be performed in most cities and it will be automatically registered with the Italian Authorities, therefore a civil wedding is not required.

 Religious ceremonies 

Ceremonies for other religious denominations such as Anglican, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim,  can also be organised  but not all are recognised by the Italian Authorities which means that for the marriage to be valid a civil ceremony is required. This can take place either inItaly or at home before you travel. Please contact us for further information.



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